Celebrating the fusion of culinary traditions

Brand concept, identity, and art direction for Teikit, a take away that mixes Japanese cuisine with the rest of the world gastronomy. They renovate the menu every six months, which brings the opportunity to launch, each time, a small communication campaign.

The 2016 campaign employs an illustrative style that merges Japanese elements with those of other cultures. The fusion of these images creates a new visual representation, capturing the essence of Teikit.

The 2017 campaign incorporates multiple vintage Japanese photographs, which were then modified with brushstrokes to depict aspects of other cultures.

The 2018 campaign reimagines the Japanese tea ceremony by substituting the infusion with a distinctive gastronomic element from different cultures.

Campaign Illustration

Ruxandra Duru

Campaign Illustration

Maggie Adrover

Campaign Photography

Marçal Vaquer

Done as


Case Study Photography

Vidal Orga