An old sign as a design starting point

Identity design for P&T Knitwear, a family-owned independent bookstore, podcast studio, event space, and cafe on Manhattan's Lower East Side.

Named after the family business established in the same neighborhood 70 years ago, the commission required taking its old sign as a starting point.

1950s P&T Knitwear storefront on 37 Allen st, New York City

Inspired by the original sign, we transferred its main visual attributes to a system based on the structure of book spines, reinterpreting them as a communicative and signaling tool.

This way, we rely on a familiar strategy to the reader (book-spine browsing), playfully associating it to an unprecedented medium.

As part of the bookstore's merchandising, we designed a series of pieces aimed at reinforcing the brand's story, with a notebook that is the logotype (closing back the circle), bookmarks, and a tote bag full of books.

Done as



Casey Steffens

Motion Design

Dani Avila


Peterson Rich Office